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Our Australian Jojoba Reviewed on Mummy Must Haves

March 20, 2017

100% natural Australian jojoba featured on Mummy Must Haves Feb 2016

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'Tonight I am reviewing The Jojoba Company’s 30ml bottle of 100% natural Australian jojoba. As I sit here typing I am excited to share that, only moments ago, I applied the golden liquid to my freshly cleansed face. Over the past 7 evenings this has become a vital part of my beauty regime and I am a very satisfied customer indeed.


But this was not my initial view a week ago. Allow me to explain…

I am 46 years old and have suffered from acne all my life. As all acne sufferers are all too well aware, the one thing we try to avoid is applying any oil-based products to our face. So when we were asked to review this beautifully presented product, I greeted the opportunity with much caution and concern. But how wrong I was!

Jojoba is not an oil in the normal sense of the word. Jojoba is a golden liquid wax, often called jojoba oil, which is made from the jojoba bean. This plant is native to Southwestern North America and is highly valued by the Native Americans of the Sonoran Desert as a potent balm for skin ailments and a skin restorer. Research has confirmed that the wax ester produced by the jojoba beans is similar to the protective was produced by human skin that helps keep it smooth, supple and moisterised. Jojoba mimics the skins natural oils and can penetrate deep into the skin layers.


Within 24 hours of applying the liquid to my cleansed face, I noticed the difference. My pores were tighter, my skin was softer and the angry break-out I had suffered the weekend prior had reduced and calmed. I simply could not believe it.

A week on and my skin is looking healthier, brighter and softer. Jojoba can be used to moisturise the body, cuticles, face, hair, hands and lips. Besides acne, it can also be used to soothe a wide range of skin conditions including scars, burns, sun damage, pigmentation, eczema, nappy rash and cradle cap to name a few.

All the products from The Jojoba Company are safe for pregnancy. Click here to read more about their benefits for Mums and Bubs.'


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