100% Natural Jojoba Kisses For Your Valentine

We are excited to launch our 100% Natural Jojoba Lip Balm for Valentines, so you can create perfectly smooth and super soft lips to share with your special Valentine.

With our 100% Natural Jojoba Lip Balm we have used a plant based alternative to beeswax. And our Australian grown Jojoba Oil and Kakadu Plum Oil, combined with Coconut Oil—for deep moisturising and protection— pack a combination of antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins A, D & E and omega 6 & 9 essential fatty acids into a convenient lip balm tin. Perfect for chapped lips and helps heal cold sores.

Our lip balm is not only completely natural, it is vegan, so you can apply it as frequently as you like and it is perfectly safe for the entire family. We have taken our absolutely ‘no nasties’ philosophy and created one of the few lip balms that is also free of beeswax.

Not that beeswax is ‘nasty’, it is a great natural ingredient in many beauty products, but for some users it can trigger an allergic reaction, particularly around our sensitive lip area. This is not because of the beeswax, but a substance called propolis (it is the glue made by honey bees to build and repair their hives.) In some instances propolis remains mixed with the beeswax when it is harvested and processed, and certain elements found in the propolis can cause contact dermatitis in people who become sensitised to it. It is possible to develop a sensitivity after many years of exposure (some Beekeepers develop contact allergies over time) or there are people who develop a reaction instantly.

Relax, no bees have been busy helping out with our balm. It is a vegan alternative and also contains no chemicals, colours, or preservatives—no commonly used petroleum jelly (the name says it all—a by-product from distilling petroleum oil products) or petroleum derived mineral oils. No nasties – ever. Just beautiful soft kissable lips.