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Behind The Jojoba Company - Clique Online July 2016

August 03, 2016


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'With a passion for skincare and a family in the business of Jojoba plantations, Vicki Engsall has developed a life-changing range of natural skincare products by harnessing the power of this wonder wax. Vicki, with the assistance and support of her father, Ian Turner, discovered the benefits of Jojoba on their family estate in New South Wales and harnessed this for the good of skincare worldwide when they launched their brand, The Jojoba Company, in 2008.

Move over Rosehip and Argan oils, there’s a new natural wonder on the market and we sat down with the all-Australian #girlboss behind The Jojoba Company to get the inside scoop on why we need this wax in our skin and our lives.

What are the key benefits of Jojoba?
Jojoba is a liquid wax (not an oil) with natural wax esters very similar to those in our skin’s sebum. This is what makes pure jojoba so important; it provides the same protective and nurturing benefits to our skin as it would to its own plant cells. Skin health is maintained by sebum and 25-30% of the skin’s sebum is made up of wax esters. The primary role of wax esters is to retain moisture, which keeps skin looking and feeling firm. As we hit our early 20s, our production of wax esters starts to decrease, allowing moisture to escape from skin cells. This begins the aging process of skin.  Jojoba is the only plant known to produce wax esters similar to those in our skin. This is what makes it a natural wrinkle fighter. Jojoba is naturally hypoallergenic and contains powerful antioxidants, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A, D and E. Skin recognises jojoba as its own sebum and allows it to deliver active ingredients into the deeper layers of our skin.

Whose skin do you envy the most?
Probably Nicole Kidman’s skin.  I love how natural looking and flawless it is and the porcelain look really suits her. She is a similar age to me so I guess I can relate well to how good her skin is for her age.

What is your biggest career achievement with The Jojoba Company?
I think the biggest achievement was creating the brand and taking it to market.  This involved creating over 20 products and working out a strategy. That is definitely the biggest career achievement for me.

What is your rule to live by for skincare?
Always use an SPF! 90% of the damage and aging to our skin is from the sun. If you can protect your skin from the sun, you are 90% closer to beautiful skin.  I never leave the house without ourMoisturizing Protective Day Cream with SPF 15 in it.

Where does your jojoba come from? How does it get to the shelves?
All of our jojoba comes from our farm at Yenda. The jojoba is used as the hero ingredient in our entire range. The main advantage of using our own “homegrown’ jojoba is that we have complete control over the quality of our jojoba from the harvesting to the crushing to the bottling.  We are able to ensure that our jojoba is cold pressed to retain the maximum amount of nutrients and we are also able to ensure our jojoba is not prematurely harvested to ensure that the product is as concentrated as possible. It’s also comforting to know that we are self-sufficient and not reliant on other suppliers to meet our demands.

What’s next for The Jojoba Company?
There is always something new and exciting happening. We are expanding our farm at the moment and we have just installed a propagation shed so we have more jojoba to plant.  Our aim is to be the largest jojoba producer in Australia.

Where can we find your products?
Shop online at www.thejojobacompany.co.uk/, or in pharmacies and health food stores nationwide in Australia. We have also branched into the UK market as well as Korea, Japan, New Zealand and the US.'



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