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#GIRLBOSS: Vicki Engsall - The Beauty Bible - August 2016

August 10, 2016


#GIRLBOSS: Vicki Engsall

Vicki Engsall has always had a passion for skincare. Her father’s jojoba plantations attracted her interest in discovering more about jojoba and its uses. Vicki is the Brand Co-Founder and Product Director of The Jojoba Company.

Thank you Vicki for joining us xx



Tell us about your business.
Our business is a natural skin care business based on the unique qualities of jojoba. It is all Australian made and all natural.  We specialise in jojoba and distribute both pure jojoba and formulated targeted natural skin care. We have about 30 SKUs in total. We are distributed throughout health food stores, pharmacies and beauty salons throughout Australia and in the UK, US, NZ and Japan. We also sell our products online.
How did the idea come about/what was the catalyst for starting your business? 
My Dad has a jojoba farm.  He was one of the pioneers of jojoba growing in Australia.  Jojoba takes a long time to yield its first crop – about 8 years. When he yielded his first crop, it was amongst the first Australian jojoba in the world.  I had learnt of the amazing qualities of jojoba for skin from my naturopath throughout my pregnancy and beyond loved what it had done for mine and my baby’s skin.  I was already a huge fan.  I believed that we needed to get Australian jojoba out in the market place and no one had ever created a natural skin care range based around jojoba as the hero ingredient so we decided we needed to be the first and so The Jojoba Company was born.
How did you get started? What are some of the first things you did to get going? 
My Dad and I started it together. The first thing we did was to seek advice from a jojoba expert and to learn all we could about jojoba.  We then needed to find some beautiful packaging for our gorgeous golden jojoba to really show it off so we searched the world for unique, beautiful packaging. We couldn’t find what we were looking for so we decided to get our own mould for a bottle made.  We started just bottling jojoba and selling it in bulk to other cosmetic companies but then we decided we really needed to create our own gorgeous skin care range to compliment our jojoba so we enlisted a cosmetic chemist and aromatherapist to help us to create a beautiful, natural skin care range based around jojoba and then went out to tell the world about it.
What has been one of the biggest challenges for you along the way? 
Skincare is an incredibly competitive market so trying to convey to people why our skin care range is so special has been a challenge.  Also, when we first started out, many people had never heard of jojoba so educating the public on what exactly jojoba is and the great benefits of it was a big challenge for us.
Do you have a typical day? 
Sometimes I wish I did, but no! There is no typical day for me. Every day is different but that is what keeps it all exciting.
Do you have any daily/weekly non-negotiables?  
Walking my dog Ellie every day is non-negotiable.  If I don’t, she drives us mad! And it is good too for my mind and body.
Was there a defining moment when The Jojoba Company went to the next level? Or are you still waiting? 
When we were featured on A Current Affair, we suddenly were on the map for a quite a few people and stores also began wanting to stock our products. That definitely took us to the next level and we grew overnight.
What has been one of the most exciting and rewarding memories for you?  
When we launched our range at the Sydney Beauty Expo. It was so exciting to see nearly two years of hard work creating our brand come to reality and to see people actually loving our products and our packaging. It was a very exciting and very rewarding weekend.
Favourite thing about working for yourself? 
Probably watching something you love grow and thrive – a bit like having another baby… it is just always exciting as it is always changing and growing.
What do you love about working in this industry? 
I’m a girly girl and have always been a girly girl so I love being surrounded with all things girly and especially skincare which is my absolute passion. I also love the natural industry. I love all things natural so to be part of this industry is very exciting for me.  It’s who I am.
Top 3 skincare tips?
1.    Use Jojoba every day to moisturise, nourish and balance your skin – you’ll never go back!
2.    Never leave the house without a good SPF on your face. 90% of skin ageing is from the sun.
3.    Always remove your makeup before going to bed and treat your skin to a good night cream or serum to help repair it overnight.
Most importantly, if you could give any advice to females wanting to start their own business yet find it hard to take the plunge, what would you say to them? 
 If you don’t take a risk, you’ll never know what you could achieve. Believe in yourself and in your product and go for it! It’s a big world out there with so many opportunities for people with passion and vision.

The Beauty Bible x


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