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Feedback from Estelle Moore - Blepharitis

March 29, 2016

Sent: Saturday, 30 January 2016

I have got a tricky skin condition called blepharitis. It is a condition that affects the skin around the eyes, it completely dries the skin out, clogs up the natural oil secretions around the eye area and makes the upper and lower lids, red, sore and itchy like you wouldn't believe. My mom had bought some of your oil and urged me to try it. I didn't for quite a few days because I was dubious.
Wow. When I got finally around to trying it, the difference it made was amazing. The itching stopped instantaneously, and today, four days later it has all but cleared up. Up til now this outbreak has lasted since October, last year I had it all winter.
I am not the sort of person to write slushy emails, but your oil is the best thing I have ever used.
Thank you.

Estelle Moore


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