Feedback from Helen - Eczema

Sent: 5 March 2016 

Dear Vicki,

On February 22nd, following a flu-like virus, I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with infected eczema. A colleague of mine had developed a mouthful of cold sores as a result of the same virus but I had weeping eczema on about 75% of my face, my underarm and wrist were raw and weeping, and my elbows, knees, back and shoulders had atopic eczema. About 7 years ago I had a similar outbreak but since then nothing except the occasional contact eczema from wearing a watch. The GP decided to deal with the infection first before treating the eczema.
On February 24th, I visited my parents for my birthday. By this point, despite the high dose penicillin, the eczema had spread on my face: my eyelids were raw; my nostrils were glued to my cheeks; I was forced to wear my contact lenses to prevent my glasses being stuck my nose; and I couldn’t smile, yawn or eat large mouthfuls without my face cracking and bleeding. My mother suggested I try your jojoba oil.
For the first 2 days, using the oil on my face was like the worst kind of exfoliant: when I massaged the oil into my face I felt as if I was using a sugar based scrub as the dried ooze was lifted off. By February 29th, all but my chin was smooth and, whilst I still looked as if I had been the victim of a severe chip pan accident, my face was no longer swollen and inflamed scarlet. As I was marinading myself alternately in Dead Sea salt baths and jojoba oil, I needed more so I turned directly to your company.
It is hard to say which has impressed me more: the miraculous effect of the jojoba oil on my eczema or the exceptional service and speed of delivery. My consignment arrived on Wednesday 2nd March since when I have added the serum to my facial marinade and can now laugh freely and eat the biggest sandwich pain free! Although the doctor has given me a corticosteroid cream for the eczema on my body, the improvement in my face is solely due to the combination of penicillin and jojoba oil. I have also taken the jojoba oil orally to offset the more unpleasant side effects of 2,000 mg of penicillin per day as, being dairy intolerant, I cannot take the more traditional yoghurt based pro biotic solutions!
I cannot thank you enough for what you have done and can only assure you of my future allegiance to and evangelism of your product and company.

Thank you,