Our Philosophy

Pure and Natural

We believe that it is possible to create a skincare range completely from nature that will also fulfil our different family needs—from baby oil, or blemish control to pampering mature skin.

We always begin with jojoba, as it contains skin benefiting properties like no other plant on earth. From here we will continue to explore other complementary plant ingredients, both locally and from around the world, to create a skincare range that is pure, safe and effective

Good for the Earth

Our family farm is where all our jojoba comes from. Our farm is part of a larger natural world that we treat with care.  From our packaging to our marketing, to the way we grow and source our ingredients we are committed to sustainable options.  For instance, our jojoba crop is carbon negative, which means it removes carbon from the atmosphere as it grows.  Find out more about our sustainable farm

No surprises in the fine print

We promise that with our products you will never find any ‘nasties’ in the fine print.

No chemicals, no animal testing, no animal derivatives, no artificial fragrances, no petrochemicals, no perfumes… the list is endless— but never in our products, no excuses, no compromise.

No Nasties