How to Layer Skincare

Your skin is an investment. Which is why we want you to not only get the most out of your money, but also the best possible results. A great skincare routine should also not feel like a chore, it should be something you look forward to morning AND night. 

Try mixing your products up, whether you have two different facial oils to target two different concerns, or a fun face mask every other day, take the time to enjoy looking after your skin.

A proper skincare routine can be crafted for the busy mum, it’s about the quality of product. If you are time-poor, try opting for products that are multi-focused, for example our Multi-Defence Moisturiser. A broad-spectrum moisturiser and SPF, it’s the ultimate two-steps-in one!

When it comes to Layering Your Skincare Products the General Rule of Thumb is Thinnest to Thickest.

So, if you are ever confused, try placing one pump of each of your products on the back of your hand and slightly tilting it. The product that slides off first should be applied first, the second should sit on top and so on.   

One Important Thing to Remember is...
that Jojoba is NOT an Oil,
but a Liquid Wax Ester.

Therefore, our oils fall into the ‘lightweight oil’ category.
So, when it comes to layering a TJC facial oil, pop this goodie on BEFORE your moisturiser.   

Take the Jojoba Journey with us Today:
Cleanser, toner, serum, oil, eye cream,
moisturiser (day/night), SPF (AM), lip balm

TJC’s Quick Tips:

Clean skin is always step one when it comes to the perfect regime. So, whether you feel like a proper cleanse or a slash of water in the AM, always start with fresh base.

Don’t forgot to complete your morning routine with a high-quality SPF!

Treat yourself once or twice a week with a targeted face mask.