Why Vegan Skincare?

The Jojoba Company proudly crafts only the very best 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly skincare.

What is Vegan skincare? Vegan is so much more than just a dietary choice. Becoming a vegan can impact every part of your life. From removing leather in your wardrobe to clearing out your skincare ingredients (yes that's right, many cosmetics contain animal products!), removing all animal and animal bi-products isn’t as scary as it sounds. In fact, with more and more people choosing a plant-based lifestyle, its benefits for our health are turning heads as everyone is asking “what's so good about being vegan?” What does being vegan have to do with skincare? Truthfully, the scary bit about skincare is…some of the most coveted ingredients are derived from animals and we don’t even know it.

Did you know Hyaluronic Acid can be extracted from rooster combs?
Did you know Squalene is sourced from shark livers?
Did you know Keratin is derived from hooves, horns or feathers?
Did you know Collagen is historically from the skin of pigs, cows or fish?

So next time you are reading a skincare label, know where your ingredients come from and what you are putting on your face!

With scientific advancements, we have been able to source natural plant-based alternatives to some of our favourite ingredients! But that’s not enough for us. Alongside of this incredible technology, TJC ensures that every product is as-good-as, if not exceeds the skincare benefits of the animal derived original.


The original vegan replacement


Whale Oil VS Jojoba

Jojoba is seen as the original vegan skincare ingredient and to this day is still marked as the ‘oil that saved the whales’. Hunted for thousands of years, whales have been slaughtered for the use of many things and in the cosmetics industry, their oil or blubber was highly valuable for use in soaps, lipsticks and other products. A special kind of oil obtained from the head cavities of sperm whales, called sperm oil was highly sought after as its properties and applications differed from those of regular whale oil so it was sold for a higher price.
The uniqueness of this spermaceti (or sperm oil) is that it is composed mainly of liquid wax and was used as a wax ester in skin care products due to its great skin affinity. As a result of this high demand, Sperm Whales were relentlessly hunted and killed until the late 1980s when commercial whaling was banned. Finally, science caught up and discovered that Jojoba and spermaceti (sperm oil) have remarkably similar molecular structures, both made of wax esters and both mimic our own skins sebum and play a similar role in skin care products. We saw a decline of sperm oil use and an incline in Jojoba (Don't believe us? Check out your current skincare stash).
Jojoba is the only known natural, botanical, sustainable and cruelty free source of wax esters in the world and has given the world an alternative to slaughtering whales for their spermaceti. We believe that awareness is the most powerful weapon against the risk of a return to commercial whaling. And now as we learn more about the structure of Jojoba, it has been recently discovered that TJC’s Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba is clinically proven to have more omega 9 than other varieties! Making it even BETTER for your skin again.

Safer Vegan Skincare

In many stages of life and many skin types, choosing plant based alternative ingredients is necessary. Often chemical ingredients are unsafe when using whilst pregnant/breast feeding and can cause serious irritation to those with sensitive skin. The entire range at TJC is made with sensitive skin in mind. Incredible skin benefits minus the irritations PLUS the entire range is safe for all life stages including pregnancy (we always recommend speaking with your healthcare professional prior to beginning a new skincare regimen).

Ultimate Serum

Now with HumaColl21, a vegan collagen clinically proven to outperform Retinol and Vitamin C in its ability to stimulate collagen production.

Hydrating Peptide Day Cream

With plumping peptides and firming ceramides both derived from natural plant sources, this vegan lightweight cream is an instant drink for dehydrated skin.

Overnight Renewal Cream

Bursting with Hyaluronic Acid, this night cream works as a sleep mask to drench your skin in hydration leaving your morning face renewed and ready for the day ahead.

Ultimate Youth Potion

Alongside the vegan alternative to squalene sourced from rich oils, this golden liquid contains L22 a patented anti-ageing ingredient your face needs to drink up.

We are committed to a sustainable future and this includes ensuring our products are cruelty free. None of our finished products or individual ingredients have been tested on animals (only the human volunteer variety!) and all of our ingredients are plant sourced.

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