Wake-up to more beautiful skin

Wake-up to more beautiful skin

While we sleep our bodies are doing essential ‘repair and restore’ work that’s very important for our skin. Our skin behaves differently at night and needs a complementary care routine. For example, research shows that skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night. This means that collagen production is boosted, harmful free radicals are reduced and damaged cells are repaired. And as skin damage starts early—over 20% of sun damage happens by the time we are 18—helping skin repair needs to start early and become a nightly routine.  

Skin can Feel Extra Dry at Night

The amount of water or moisture that is lost through your skin at night also increases (called trans-epidermal water loss (or TEWL), our skin also excretes less sebum, is warmer and more acidic. This can make some dry skin conditions feel like they ‘flare-up’ at night, causing more irritation and itching.

Help Your Skin Repair

With your body and skin already naturally set-up to repair damage from pollution, sun and stress, what can you do to improve the process? Consider a different night skin care routine that makes the most of higher cell regeneration. While your daytime routine may include sunblock, a light moisturiser and make-up, your night routine needs to include deep moisture and active ingredients that boost repair.

The Best Ingredients for Overnight Treatments

While you need a heavier moisturiser at night you don’t want blocked pores, blackheads or pimple outbreaks. You need a range that is noncomedogenic, meaning that it doesn’t clog pores. Also as your skin is not covered by make-up or sunblock you should look for ingredients that are able to be absorbed deep into the skin layers, delivering all those beneficial active ingredients that help in cell repair.

Your Perfect Evening Routine—Unwind

As your skin is dryer at night choose a night cream that is deeply moisturising. Jojoba has the unique ability to mimic the skin’s natural oils, delivering active ingredients deep into the skin’s layers, and it won’t block pores.

  • Start with a gentle skin cleanse: Always, always remove make-up, sunblock, pollution and grime.  Without a good cleanse your skin cannot properly absorb active ingredients.
  • Option 1: Age-Defying : All natural night cream that targets fine lines, wrinkles and visibly smooths skin
  • Option 2: Normal Skin: A night cream that’s quickly absorbed for balanced, hydrated and deeply nourished skin.
Enjoy your Zzzzz’s