This $20 Jojoba Oil Works Wonders on My Acne-Prone Skin

This $20 Jojoba Oil Works Wonders on My Acne-Prone Skin

Byrdie gave Australian Jojoba product 5/5 stars ratings after independently research, test, review, and recommend the product

What Byrdie Team Like What Byrdie Team Don't Like Bottom Line
Safe for all skin types and conditions
It's nourishing to the skin
Honestly, none! While I love it for regulating oil flow and reducing the incidence of breakouts, The Jojoba Company Australian Jojoba is a nourishing, effective addition for all skin types and concerns.

We put The Jojoba Company Australian Jojoba to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review

You know when people talk about desert island beauty products? Well, The Jojoba Company Australian Jojoba is mine (alongside SPF, of course). I don’t want to divulge all of its wonderful benefits just yet because that’s what the following review is for, but it’s a special ingredient that works in synergy with the skin. It doesn’t matter if you’re oily, dry, or somewhere in between—jojoba helps your skin function optimally, thus alleviating many common skincare concerns.

Take my skin, for example. It’s greasy and prone to congestion. But jojoba works to regulate oil flow, reduce inflammation, and calm angry red pimples. It sounds like magic, and to a certain extent, it is. It’s also one of the few products I’m comfortable recommending to everyone. Want more intel? Keep reading for my honest review.

Fast Facts

BEST FOR: All skin types

USES: To nourish and hydrate the skin, regulate oil flow, and improve general skin health overall.


PRICE: $20

ABOUT THE BRAND: The Jojoba Company is an Australian, family-owned skincare brand that specializes in pure jojoba and jojoba-based products. They use Wadi Wadi jojoba—a strain that they grow on their farm in regional Australia—because it’s known to have a higher nutritional profile. The brand is the only producer of this specific jojoba strain globally.

About My Skin: It's been a journey

I’ve had an interesting journey with my skin over the years. I lived through the teenage acne phase, where I was obsessed with anything that burned, stung, or left my complexion completely void of moisture. But I’ve since learned some hard lessons (namely that my acid mantle can’t handle astringent three-step skincare routines) and now prefer a kinder, more nourishing approach to skin health, even when I’m breaking out.

Ingredients: A simple but potent formula

There’s only one ingredient in this product, and that’s jojoba. Or Australian-grown, cold-pressed Wadi Wadi jojoba, to be exact. While it looks like an oil, jojoba is a liquid wax that’s extracted from jojoba beans. And what’s amazing about the wax is that it mimics the molecular structure of our skin, meaning jojoba works with our complexion, rather than against it or at odds with it.

Interestingly, The Jojoba Company has its own farm in rural Australia. They grow and harvest everything in-house, so rest assured you’re getting premium-quality and a whole lot of love in every single bottle.

The Benefits: It does everything

I’m evangelical about Australian Jojoba because it can work to improve almost any skin concern. The way it’s structured essentially supports the skin’s natural functioning. It’s also really nourishing, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and can work to regulate oil flow. And herein lies my reason for declaring jojoba an “oil” that’s perfect for acne-prone skin such as mine. If my skin is quite red and congested, this is the only thing I’ll use.

How to Use: Easy to add into your routine

This will differ from person to person, but in all instances, you want to apply your Australian Jojoba before any other occlusive creams or oils. Remember, this stuff can penetrate, it won’t just sit on top of your skin. You might want to use it daily, if you’ve overdone it on acids, or just when your skin feels thirst. It can replace other serums if that’s your jam, but you really can go your own way! It’s also perfect if you want to indulge in a bit of a DIY sculpting facial massage. Basically, it’s the Macgyver of skincare.

The Results: It works wonders

Again, results will depend on your initial concerns, but you can expect skin that’s plump, balanced, and resilient with consistent use. I do find the Australian Jojoba brilliant when it comes to calming angry breakouts and regulating sebum. It’s also a light, easily absorbed wax, so it won’t sit on your face feeling greasy. If there ever were a one-size-fits-all skincare product, this would be it.

The Value: Worth the price

At $20, The Jojoba Company Australian Jojoba can’t be beaten. I like to think of it as a safe skincare purchase too. The chance of irritation or an adverse reaction is extremely low, and worst-case scenario, it makes for a lovely body treatment. It’s also a family-owned business that's recently launched into the U.S., and supporting their mission just feels nice.

Similar products: You have options

The Jojoba Company Youth Potion: If you want all of the skincare benefits of jojoba and want to target aging, try the Youth Potion ($45). It’s boosted with olive oil, argan oil, macadamia oil, CoQ10, and baobab to restore elasticity and increase collagen production.

Final Verdict

I really can’t find any faults with The Jojoba Company Australia Jojoba. Not only is it effective, but it’s affordable, clean, and safe for almost everyone to use. Personally, it’s also one of the few oil-adjacent products that work on congested skin. This is a product I’ll use and love forever without question.

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