From Bean to Bottle

Beresford Farm

Our range begins with the purest jojoba. The golden liquid inside each of our signature bottles is carefully handcrafted using only the finest jojoba beans from Beresford, our family owned farm. Located in the small rural town of Yenda in Australia’s Riverina region, Beresford is the largest nurtured sustainable wadi wadi jojoba farm growing 80 hectares of our gorgeous beans.

Our planet

The jojoba plant itself is carbon negative so it actually removes carbon from the atmosphere. Perfectly suited to the Australian climate, the plant is drought tolerant with no pests or diseases, so we have no need to use chemicals on our plants. We let nature do the work!

Meet Dan

Meet Dan

The jojoba plant is really unique and takes around eight years to produce beans. We planted out first crop 20 years ago
and received our first harvest in 2008. Managed by
our farmer Dan he delicately cares for our jojoba trees all year round. Harvesting just once a year in March, Dan carefully curates a small team to collect the best jojoba beans.  

The Process

Our jojoba is extra virgin cold pressed, and then filtered fourteen times for absolute purity. With the golden liquid of 3.2 beans in every 1ml, we craft a unique skincare range with the jojoba at its heart.  

Jojoba Bean

From our family to yours

From start to finish, The Jojoba Company manages every step of the process ensuring each bottle is of the highest quality. We would also never test on animals, so along with being all natural we are also proudly cruelty free and vegan friendly, so you can trust what you are putting on your body.

Australian Jojoba gives your skin the care it deserves.