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When it comes to using oils on our skin, many people shy away in the belief adding a facial oil to their naturally oily or acne prone skin will increase breakouts or they simply may not know what to use or where to begin. There is however, an oil to suit every skin type and need. Oils mimic our skin’s natural sebum and it is this close link that helps to make them so effective. Natural oils are full of vitamins, antioxidants and omegas which help to repair, protect and hydrate the skin. Our skin naturally produces oils, lipids and wax esters which help prevent water loss from our skin and help keep it hydrated and balanced. Adding oils to your skin care regimen can complement naturally produced oils helping improve overall skin health. 

Using a facial oil as part of your skin care regimen will strengthen the outer layer of the skin by softening and sealing it and preventing water loss as well as providing it with extra nutrients. Due to the incredible carrying benefits of our Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, if added to a cream, moisturiser or cleanser you will benefit greatly from this combination as Jojoba will carry the other nutrients deeper into the skin, while providing extra hydration, nutrients and a moisture barrier. There are many types of oils to choose from, each with different benefits for the skin to target different skin types and skin conditions.


Oils can offer support to our skin in the fight against aging. Unfortunately as we age, the natural oils our skin produces start to fatigue and become imbalanced. Our skin particularly starts to lose the wax ester content in it, so using a wax ester such as jojoba on the skin will help put back what age has taken away in the form of wax esters, moisture in the skin, balance and nutrients.

Which oil is the best to apply on the face?

Face oils are beneficial to all skin types and most can be used on the face so long as the right oil is chosen for the right skin type. Oils work with your skin to provide a broad range of nutrients at the same time as supporting the natural protective barrier of the skin. It is just matter of finding the right formula. Some oils such as coconut, hazelnut and sunflower oils are not ideal for acne prone skins along with some synthetic oils such as mineral oil and lanolin as they can clog the pores and cause breakouts. There are also advantages in mixing oils to create benefits for the skin. By adding an oil which is rich in vitamin E (argan oil), an oil rich in vitamin C (baobab), an oil to provide vitamin A (jojoba) and even rosehip which also contain vitamin D, you are providing your skin with the full spectrum of vitamins for maximum skin health. A face oil such as the Ultimate Youth Potion provides the full spectrum of vitamins, omegas and antioxidants with the benefits of the jojoba working as a carrier and providing important wax esters to the skin.

What is the best oil for ageing dry skin?

Specific oils to turn to if ageing and dry skin is the priority include argan oil, squalene, baobab and camellia oil which are all known for their anti-ageing benefits. If skin is quite dry, then adding oil such as rosehip, argan or jojoba will add extra hydration to the skin. In addition to jojoba and other rich oils to help wind back the clock, our Ultimate Youth Potion contains a patented active ingredient called L22 which mimics the lipid profile of a healthy 22-year-old to bring the skin back in the perfect balance that it had at the age of 22. It does this by providing all of components of the skin such as triglycerides, squalene, wax esters and sterols as botanically identical ingredients to mimic the skin exactly, making your skin believe that you have in fact added healthy skin oil to it. The components include olive oil, macadamia oil and jojoba.

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How do you treat oily ageing skin?

It is a myth that oily or acne-prone skins can’t handle oils and oils will make the skin more oily or breakout. Oily skin is usually oily because it is dehydrated and low in linoleic acid. When not enough oil is in the skin, the skin actually goes into overdrive to produce more oil as it thinks there is not enough in the skin. By adding the right face oil into your skin care regime, you are treating your skin like the intelligent organ that it is, feeding it what it needs and stopping the cycle of the over production of oil, regulating the skin, balancing oil production and preventing clogged pores. Not all natural plant oils are non-comedogenic (which means some oils can actually clog your pores and result in breakouts or pimples) and not all oils will work for all skin types. Some oils such as coconut, hazelnut or sunflower oil are not ideal for acne prone skins along with synthetic oils such as mineral oil and lanolin as they can clog the pores and can cause breakouts due to their comedogenic nature. Choosing an “oil” like jojoba which is high in linoleic acid and technically not an oil but a liquid wax ester which is the closest botanical match to our skin’s own natural oil will not only help the skin to reset itself and activate its natural intelligence to fix itself by stopping the cycle of the over production of oil, it will also balance and normalise it and the skin will become less oily with less breakouts.
Equally, if your skin needs something more healing, adding parsley seed oil or juniper oil to jojoba can help bring skin back to balance over the winter months. Try our Skin Balancing Oil which is rich in jojoba wax esters complimented with parsley seed oil, anti - aging natural retinol alternative Bakuchiol and juniper.


Which oil promotes collagen?

Many oils help increase collagen production in the skin. Some of the best include carrot oil, geranium, rosehip, jojoba, rose, pomegranate, Bakuchiol and squalene. Try our Pigmentation Oil, Ultimate Youth Potion or Skin Balancing Oil for these benefits.

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Which oil best for skin tightening?

To help tighten the skin, try Pomegranate, vitamin E, jasmine, baobab and Abyssinian oil. Try our Firming Eye Balm, Jojoba Glow or Ultimate Youth Potion for these benefits.

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Which oil is the best for skin elasticity?

For skin elasticity, try Marula oil, argan oil, camellia oil and burriti oil. Try our Ultimate Youth Potion for these benefits.

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